Miniopterus pallidus

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Species authority: 
Thomas, 1907
(EN) Pale Bent-wing Bat
Species details: 
Two subspecies previously recognized in Turkey, M. s. schreibersii and M. s. pallidus, differ significantly in nuclear and mitochondrial DNA, and in morphology. Until now, the distribution records of M. s. schreibersii and M. s. pallidus showed that they were allopatric and hence even though there was clear morphological and genetic differentiation between the two taxa.  Bilgin et al., 2012 showed that the three caves host individuals of both taxa by using mitochondrial DNA, nuclear DNA and morphometric analyses. These findings provide the final line of evidence to date, for designation of M. s. schreibersii and M. s. pallidus as two separate species, M. schreibersii and M. pallidus.
IUCN status: 
Not evaluated