Richard Dopita of the River Allen Bat Roost passed away

International Bat Night has been celebrated at the River Allen Bat Roost since 2013. From the beginning it was a very successful event with 50 – 60 people participating each year. They listened to informative talks and enjoyed bat walks along the River Allen with bat detectors. The agenda for the Bat Night varied from year to year but it always contained a creative part. We received a lovely card after the Bat Night in 2017 with many good wishes and a statement that the people of the River Allen Bat Roost were prepared to fight for Europe’s bats.
It is extremely important for nature conservation that dedicated people like Richard spend their time raising awareness for wildlife, in this case bats. It is vital to talk about the threats to bats and their conservation needs. It is necessary to interact with the public to iron out any misunderstandings about bats through education and fun.
We would like to extend our condolences to Richard’s wife Beatrice and express our gratitude for Richard’s dedication. May Richard’s work and enthusiasm live on through her and the River Allen Bat Roost.

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