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Bat Resources for Education

Thanks to the contribution of bat enthusiasts from all over the world, you will find information material and activities on this page.

Learn about bats with Bat Conservation Ireland 

Bat Activities:    
Bat Stories    

Three little bats - short fairy tales for children from 4 to 12  written by Fulgencio Lisón and Ángeles Haz, illustrated by Natalia Morillo. Available in Spanish, English, Galician and Catalan 


For more activities, visit the Bat Conservation Trust website:

Bat Conservation International also has made several resources available and they can be found here.

For our Italian speaking audience, visit BatBoxNews.it, a project by the Museum of Natural History of Florence, the University of Florence and UniCoop Florence.
The following and many more activities can be found there:

AEcol - Andrews Ecology Ltd:   Bat Tree Habitat Key     

Bat Tree Habitat Key comprises:

  1. An account of how Potential Roost Features (PRF) form, why they form, where they form, why they form where they form, and approximately how long they can be predicted to last;
  2. An account of how bat species native to the British Isles use trees; and
  3. A dichotomous key to potential bat-roosts in trees for use in the formation of a hypothesis used to guide further survey effort, and also an interpretive tool to give a hypothesis of what might have been present, where conclusive evidence has eluded survey.

 The book works through basic tree biology to illustrate how the different features that bats occupy form.

The Museu Granollers - Ciències Naturals also offers didactic material in Catalan here.

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